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Buffy - The Vampire Slayer
Somewhere in this darkness . Dawn & Buffy

Shocked??. Billie Jenkins
I Think. Billie Jenkins
Kill me . Billie Jenkins
Sisters Forever . Charmed Sisters
Kill monkey . Paige Matthews
On a better place . Paige Matthews
Remember . Paige Matthews / Kyle Brody
Me, Myself and I . Phoebe Halliwell NEW

Not Yet . Piper Halliwell

Gilmore Girls
Kiss . Rory & Jess

O.C California
Great love . Summer & Seth

One Tree Hill
Break Away . Brooke & Lucas
Hello . Brooke & Lucas NEW
Memories . Brooke & Lucas
Smiling . Brooke & Lucas NEW
Friendship . Brooke & Peyton NEW
Beginning . Lucas & Peyton NEW
Hero?. Lucas & Peyton
Love of Lifetime . Lucas & Peyton
Hope . Haley James Scott NEW
A Moment Like This. Nathan & Haley
Remember Me . Nathan & Haley
Why. Peyton Sawyer
Goodbye . All... NEW

Tru Calling
Tru Davis . Eliza Dushku
The End . Tru Davis


Sweet Kitty . Angelina Jolie

Beautiful . Jessica Alba

Poison Girl . Kate Beckinsale

Breathe in . Michelle Trachtenberg
I Don't Just Like You . Mischa Barton

Sexy . Nicole Ritchie

Without you . Rachel McAdams


Hotter than you know . Colin Farrell

Paul . Paul Walker

Almost Evil . Shane West


Come and play . Adriana Lima
Come play if you want . Adriana Lima
Waiting for you . Adriana Lima
Bitch . Ana Beatriz Barros


Schweini . Bastian Schweinsteiger

Sourcerer? . David Beckham

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